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Megadeth - warheads on foreheads

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2019-03-22
Label: USM
Genre: Metal
Producer: Dave Mustaine
Artist discography


Best off albums are always a bit hard to review as most of the times they are compilations of the biggest hitsingles and adding one or two extra's, 

Warheads is a bit different, Mustaine & co really attemted to collect all the best parts from their entire music catalogue. Yes, sure, it will always be a personal opinion from the bands point of view  so fans can always say this or that song should have been included. but those real diehards fans have these songs already, don't they? 

For those that are not very much familliar with this classic thrash band this is the collection to get to know them and being able to shout along when you think of planning to visit an MD gig.

Rattlehead’ and ‘Mechanix are taken from Megadeth's debut.  Pure energy from the starting era of thrash metal. Songs like for example ‘Wake Up Dead’ were harder, faster, giving youngsters a new feel while headbanging even harder and faster. Wild days!

Then sadly grunge kicked in  around ‘Countdown to Extinction’, songs like ‘Symphony of Destruction’ and ‘Sweating Bullets’  did do well but the band had less success after those two songs.

 In that period only ‘Rust In Peace’  which to this day is still one of their finest releases stood out from other Megadeth releases. Mustaine must have thought the same as he included six tracks from it. Maybe with the best line-up the band ever had.

I won't go all the way telling about eacht song. The bottom line is Megadeth is still one of the biggest Thrash acts out there and while my personal opinion is that Dave is by far not the best vocalist in metal. the pure energy of his music stands out.

Despite me not being a real metalhead i can say i enjoyed listening to this album and getting to know them quite a bit.

My personal verdict:

Vocals: 6 out of 10

Music: 7 out of 10

Chosen songs: 8 out of 10

Lyrics: 6 out of 10


01. Rattlehead
02. Mechanix
03. Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!
04. The Conjuring
05. Wake Up Dead
06. Devils Island
07. Good Mourning / Black Friday
08. Set The World Afire
09. In My Darkest Hour
10. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

01. Hangar 18
02. Tornado Of Souls
03. Rust In Peace…Polaris
04. Five Magics
05. Take No Prisoners
06. Skin O’ My Teeth
07. Angry Again
08. Symphony Of Destruction
09. Sweating Bullets
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Train Of Consequences
12. Reckoning Day

01. Trust
02. She-Wolf
03. Wanderlust
04. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
05. Blackmail The Universe
06. Washington Is Next!
07. Head Crusher
08. Public Enemy No. 1
09. Kingmaker
10. The Threat Is Real
11. Poisonous Shadows
12. Death From Within
13. Dystopia


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