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Cheetos Magazine - Amazingous

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-02-15
Label: independent
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: no info
Artist discography


It’s been a while since I heard such a cool band in the progressive rock genre as Spanish CHEETO’S MAGAZINE. They even border into progressive hard rock in some moments. Anyone familiar with Swedish band A.C.T? Well, this is right up their alley!

Starting out with “Chili Guillermo” you soon realize that vocalist (and also one of two keyboard players) ESTEBAN NAVARRO likes to sound a lot like Kermit The Frog and it’s something that creates an initial smile. However, I prefer when he sings normally and after a while it bugs me just a little with these Kermit vocals.

The A.C.T vibes are imminent right away! Syncopes, “echoing” harmony choirs and the same kind of guitar and keyboard work as the Swedes have been so good at. And these Spanish guys do it almost as well! This is such a cool album.

They also create majestic and grand instrumental parts, like the ending in “Reaedy to rumble”. Extremely cool harmony vocals are found here and there, like the SPOCK’S BEARD sounding ones in the long and epical final 25 minute-song “Big Boy”.

CHEETO’S MAGAZINE dare to add some craziness of the same kind that I missed a lot on the 2nd and 3rd albums by CATS IN SPACE. Even here, comparisons to A.C.T work fine, since they also throw in some weird but cool twists. Even the song titles are sometimes in the same tradition as A.C.T, or how about “Cheese cheater” or “Scum”?

Judging from the mp3:ish sound at Spotify the production is above average and real good. This album is released on vinyl, CD and as digital files. Highly recommended!


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