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X-Romance - Voices from the past

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-05-24
Label: AOR Heaven
Genre: AOR
Producer: Tomas Rosenberg & Thomas Widmark
Artist discography


The never ending stream of Scandinavian melodic hard rock and AOR never ceases to flow. Once there was the band ROMANCE who released a mini-LP in 1988. It is super rare and I remember paying to dollars for my own copy. It is quite good too, so well worth getting. Lots of mid-80’s EUROPE or TREAT vibes.

Time passed, the band never made it big and pretty soon called it a day. However one of the founding members, ANDERS RÖNNBLOM (no, not the same guy as Anders F Rönnblom who became rather famous in the 70’s and 80’s) recently found a lot of recordings on his shelves. He thought the material was too good to just lie around. Enter a new project that began in 2015.

Now, Anders had one more idea: to re-record all these songs with a new and fresh line-up! Having decided this, the name was also freshened up and fittingly changed into X-ROMANCE. The guys in the band are ANDERS LA RÖNNBLOM (bass), ANDREAS NOVAK (lead vocals; HOUSE OF SHAKIRA), THOMAS WIDMARK (keyboards), FREDRIK TJERNELD (lead & rhythm guitars), MIKAEL DAHLIN (lead & rhythm guitars) and KENTA KARLBOM (drums; GOATESS). Anders & Thomas were founding members of ROMANCE, while both Anders and Mikael had some success with the band KILLER BEE in the 90’s.

So on to what we get here! Well, if you like DALTON and early TREAT you can buy this right away. Yes, it’s that good! Quality Scandi AOR with some dut-dut keyboards and key changes. Closing your eyes while listening, you can almost see the fluffy haircuts and baroque:ish clothes…

One of the songs has been covered from the mini-LP: ”Lonely”. The rest are all unique tracks, like ”Over and over” with clear EUROPE vibes. Also check out ”Straight to your heart” which is one of the best songs in my opinion, with catchy keyboard sounds. The production is really good, and can probably be appreciated by fans of the old times as well as the new. A pleasant surprise!


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