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Alliance - Fire and grace

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-05-24
Label: Escape
Genre: AOR
Producer: Robert Berry
Artist discography


It’s not really correct to call ALLIANCE a band, at least not when referring to this new album. It is ROBERT BERRY (3, HUSH) who’s responsible for just about everything, added by GARY PIHL (guitar) and DAVID LAUSER (drums). And given what Berry did on the 2nd album by 3 (3.2 as it is called now) he proves that he can handle most instruments!

Anyway, this is the fifth studio album by American band ALLIANCE. When it kicks off I get a bit scared, since “The wheel” has got a bit too much of rock’n’roll in it. And I am not really getting more convinced in the second track “Good life” either. The production is not the best and some synth sounds are a bit “plastic”. I would even go as far as calling the production a bit stale or flat, and it sounds old but not in a good way.

Robert Berry is a decent vocalist, I’ll give him that, and still he sounds more like a good background singer at times. Back to the song material again. I am waiting for this quite OK album to lift off, but it doesn’t. As background music it is fine, but I am missing catchy choruses and a fresh and detailed sound. The chorus of the title track “Fire and grace” is one of few moments when I actually lift an eyebrow.

Still, if you’re a fan of ALLIANCE since before I am sure you’ll like this one as well. And all you others, feel free to try them out. You might like them no matter what I am writing here. Because that’s how music is. Oh, and the album artwork is really beautiful!

For some strange reason, only the 2008 album “The road to Heaven” has been reviewed here at It is strange but in due time we’ll try to bring reviews on the other albums as well.


Melodic Net Comments 

That Guy
It is interesting when a writer takes such a negative view of one member in a band and slaughters the whole effort because of it. This album contains the great guitar work of Gary Pihl. You’d have to be mature enough to recognize that though with a decent listen. It is also driven by the incredible drummer from the Sammy Hagar band, David Lauser who is instrumental in arrangements and also for the first time wrote two of the albums songs. But of course you’d have to care enough about your own journalistic skills to dig deep enough to find the hidden gems that a true journalist would want to enlighten their readers with. I don’t expect everybody to like everything I do but this guy makes it his job to make sure my part in this album is what’s hurting it. There is a whole team of people dedicated to the release of an album that deserve an intelligent and thought provoking overview. My hope is that the readers will see right through this guy and give a listen to songs like Uncertain and find the power in Fire and Grace.
2019-05-14 18:49:11

Robert Berry
Oh yeah
2019-05-14 18:38:36