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Soleil Moon - Warrior

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-08-09
Label: Frontiers
Genre: Westcoast
Producer: no info
Artist discography


SOLEIL MOON are slowly establishing themselves as a very solid AOR band, and here’s their third album. Yes, I said AOR band because that’s what SOLEIL MOON sounds like these days, after being rather westcoast oriented on the great first release “Worlds apart” from 1999. The second album “On the way to everything” (2011) saw them turning more AOR:ish, and it is not unexpected that the AOR thread is kept.

Anyway, it is nice to have them back again. There are way too many years between each release. Centred around vocalist LARRY KING, this 5-piece takes us into the territory where bands like MECCA or modern LITTLE RIVER BAND are placed. However, it needs to be stressed out that there are almost no westcoast vibes left, so do not get mad at me for the comparisons with the aforementioned bands.

The great voice of LARRY KING’s is very similar to the one of Canadian ALFIE ZAPPACOSTA, I have to say! This is really cool, since that’s a type of voice that is seldom heard. King’s voice is not fully as clean as Zappacosta’s but works so fine with this kind of rock!

The production of this CD could have been better, if you ask me. They should have dared to work more with arrangements and the sound. It’s like it has been arranged to suit everyone, ending up with the heavier parts being too lame and the soft parts would have needed more edge. It feels like a warm welcome every time the guitar rocks on a bit – like in “Can’t go on”.

Talking guitars – the great MICHAEL THOMPSON is guesting, which is always great. Do not miss the new album by MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND, by the way.

Among the rest of the songs there is ups and downs. Lowest grades go to “You and I” which sounds like modern boy bands that there are already too many. But the ballad “Before the rainbow” is really beautiful and reminds me a bit of the soft side of KING OF HEARTS.

This is a really good album in most aspects. What I miss is great choruses and songs that really catches your attention. Oh, and finally: the album title “Warrior” feels strange for this type of music.


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