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Cold - The Things We Cant Stop

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-09-13
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Scooter Ward
Artist discography


"The things we can´t stop" is the debut album for Napalm Records from American rock band Cold but it´s their 6th album in total, it wasn´t yesterday we heard something new from this band because "The things we can´t stop" is the first release of new material since "Superfiction" from 2011. Cold also released a live album in 2016 called "Cold Live".
Scooter Ward is the only remaining original member of Cold and after 15 years of breathing and living the band, he needed time away from Cold and took 2 years off to spend time with his family. 

Once, Scooter decided to return to music, he experienced writer´s block for the first time. In order to overcome the drought, he returned to his alternative roots, spinning favorite records with Interpol, The National and Placebo. But the artist who broke Scooter´s block was Nick Cave. He discovered Nick Cave´s "One More Time With Feeling" documentary, it opened his eyes and he ended up watching it over 20 times.
"The things we can´t stop" opens with the new single "Shine" which took me several spins to get into but I like it a lot now, the album continues in the same way with low-tempo songs making the new album quite different compared to their previous releases.

If you´re expecting a rocking post-grunge affair, this one might come as a disappointment but if you are willing to broaden your mind, "The things we can´t stop" is something beautiful and emotional. It´s definitely the most personal album from Scooter Ward and Co.
In some ways, the music has many similarities with Gavin Rossdale´s "Wanderlust". There´s a certain atmosphere that will keep the listener hooked from the first track "Shine", through the great cover of Snow Patrol´s "Run" till the majestic finish of "Beautiful life" and "We all love". This is probably Scooter Ward´s most cathartic album so far.


1. Intro 
2. Shine 
3. Snowblind 
4. The Devil We Know 
5. Run (Snow Patrol cover)
6. Better Human 
7. Without You
8. Quiet Now 
9. The One That Got Away 
10. Systems Fail
11. Beautiful Life
12. We All Love 


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