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Flipp - The Best of The Worst of

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-07-05
Label: EMP Label Group
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Some bands make it big while others just remain in the shadows but should´ve made it big, Flipp from Minnesota, USA is such a band. I consider their 2002 album "Volume" as one of the best albums of the last two decades, the band parted ways soon after that album but reunited a few years ago for the 20th anniversary of their debut album "Flipp" (1997).
So I am very pleased to welcome the first-ever compilation of this highly exciting band with songs taken from their 4 releases, Flipp, Blow It Out Your Ass, Volume and Flipp 20th anniversary. They have included the bonus track "Just let it be" from 2017 which is a upbeat rock version of The Beatles classic, very cool. But the highlight is without doubt the new track "The Ride" that is classic Flipp, a song that is traditional rock and roll with no interference of any outside elements whatsoever.

While the songs taken from the first album really don´t stand up against the songs taken from Volume, I do think the early stuff is important for new listeners to get an idea where they come from soundwise. And "I wish I was a planet" is a good song so all is well.
Perhaps The Best of The Worst of Flipp is not the last release from this underrated band but a brand new record could be in the works, miracles do happen and I still love rock and roll, do you?


1.Give it to me

2.Clone me


4.I wish I was a planet

5.I still love rock´n´roll

6.Half A Brain

7.All in my head


9.Mr Potato head

10.My generation

11.Rock´n´roll star

12.I dont care

13.La de da


15.Just let it be

16.The ride


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