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Skillet - Victorious

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-08-02
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: John Cooper / Korey Cooper
Artist discography


Skillet´s 10th studio album "Victorious" is a continuation of the foundation they built on their latter albums except that this time around, it´s self-produced so I guess that the Cooper brothers caught up a thing or two when they worked with outside producers like Howard Benson and Brian Howes.
Since the 2016 album "Unleashed", frontman John Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger have both been busy releasing music on their own where Cooper did one album with his side-project Fight The Fury and Ledger released a solo album. But there´s nothing to worry about if you might think they saved the leftovers for the new Skillet record.
No, "Victorious" is a larger-than-life sounding modern rock affair that both rocks hard and have the same top quality production of their successful albums "Comatose" to "Unleashed". I was a bit worried when I heard the singles "Legendary", "Save me" and "Anchor" that the album would be too much mainstream and not edgy enough but hey.......the band saved the best for last because there are so many great songs on "Victorious" like the title track, the anthemic "Terrify the dark", the kick-ass rocker "Back to life" and the-soon-to-be-smash-hit single "Reach". Goodness, gracious!


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