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Strychnia - Reanimated Monstrosity

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2013-05-14
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal
Producer: Bobby Torres
Artist discography


Reanimated Monstrosity is the 2013 release to come from Strychnia.

The extended play titled track 'Reanimated Monstrosity' quickly lets the listener know they are in for one heck of a death metal treat. With catchy guitar riffs and multiple different vocal styles presented this jam will leave you head banging for a second serving. The guitar work is what really caught my attention. Totally dig the whole dirty southern grit element of the breakdowns and it is what ultimately won me over. Hands down this is my favorite track of the bunch.

'War Sermon' is full on death metal to the max. Beings that I can understand a tad of the lyrics I must say I commend them for writing about something that is real and oh so present. 'War Sermon' is about war and what it can do to people on this planet. While I'm not crazy about it sound wise I'm a fan of its message. 

Next up we have 'Killdozer' which is a frenzy of intense vocals paired with some pretty epic technical guitar segments. I noticed through out this piece you can hear a lot of what their influences are and I think its cool when artists pay homage to their heroes. You can definitely hear some chugcore worthy moments while I also felt there was traces of thrash.

'Cephalectomy' will slam and beat your ears into submission with brutal machine gun like drums getting you ready for what is to come. 

Now when I saw that a cover of Pantera's 'Slaughter' was thrown in the mix and was to close things off I was intrigued. Right away however upon letting it enter my ears I couldn't get into it. I felt adding a death metal touch to things took away some of that classic Pantera sound I was hoping would still be intact. It was almost as if it was just too much and drowned things out. 

There is only so much of death metal I personally can take but these guys have opened up my ears to what can really be achieved of the genre. If you aren't a fan of growling or screaming I highly recommend focusing more on the guitar work of this extended play. The breakdowns and solos are well worth giving it a chance. 

  1. Reanimated Monstrosity (Ft. John Gallagher)
  2. War Sermon
  3. Killdozer
  4. Cephalectomy
  5. Slaughtered (Pantera Cover) 


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