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Scott Stapp - The Space Between The Shadows

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2019-07-19
Label: Napalm Records GmbH
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Scott Stevens and Marti Frederiksen
Artist discography


Scott Stapp is back on track and sounding better than ever.

This new record rocks and at the same time supplies us with plenty of gorgeous melodies.

This record is drenched with lyrics about the struggles in life and is by far the most personal release from Scott.


“World I Used To Know” The proper way to start an album. A nice and heavy feel and familiair to the sound of classic Creed from the intro all the way to the final chord.

“Name” Scotts life started with his father abandoning him and his family. He earlier wrote about it in “Sinners Creed” This song speaks volumes about breaking the cycle.

“Purpose for pain” Scott’s relationship with his Stepfather was not one that one would call loving. With the memories always there Scott dives to the core issue and knocks it out of the park for the world to connect with.


“Heaven In Me” The intro starts with a nice and smooth guitar that just fits so well with Scott's deep voice. This song speaks about getting back to believing in yourself. It clearly speaks on not being perfect yet Heaven still resides within!

“Survivor” true to Scott’s journey this song talks about the fight with life! Never giving up! When one becomes an addict for so many it’s a death sentence. Those who fight through it and see the light at the end of that dark tunnel you feel like a warrior.

“Wake up call” In this song Scott speaks about changing before it’s too late! In my opnion a song with great lyrics which are a message to the world. The only thing i find somewhat less positive is the use of electronic drums here instead of real drums. The use of a childfens background choir is an often used but useful addition on a ballad like this.

“Face Of The Sun” This song rocks. With an amazing drumbeat and suprerb guitars.

Scott’s vocals absolutely breathtaking and sings about never giving up and do it all for love.

“Red Clouds” Just listen to the flow being a perfect mixture of Scott’s voice and all the instruments. Scott again proves to be an amazing poëtic lyricist.

“Gone Too Soon” A song dedicated to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornel. Again deep lyrics and a humble hommage to these great and sadly lost artists.

“My tears are starting to burn, I scream it wasn’t your turn”.

“Ready to Love” This song gives us a picture of inside Scott’s journey through his issues of addiction and dealing with undiagnosed bipolar disorder and the mistakes he’s made along the way. This song signifies acknowledgement and growth!

“Mary’s Crying” Once again Scott shows his devotion to his faith and the speaks on the way this world is crumbling. A must listen!

“Last Hallelujah” Many know that Scott Stapp is a Christian and he uses this in his lyrics. With this in mind this song connects. A good example in the lyrics are “walking on water in a raging storm I could see the face of a man with a crown of thorns”. A great way to finish this awesome release.

The Space Between The Shadows is by far Scotts best solo release to this date. It is a true masterpiece!

A real roller coaster of emotions..

He paints a picture with every song and tells the story of a man that has fallen hard but has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

This is the real Scott Stapp as pure and naked as it gets.

If you love deep lyrics, go pick this record up! You won't regret it.


1. World I Used To Know
2. Name
3. Purpose For Pain
4. Heaven In Me
5. Survivor Side
6. Wake Up Call Side
7. Face Of The Sun Side
8. Red Clouds
9. Gone Too Soon
10. Ready To Love
11. Mary's Crying
12. Last Hallelujah


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