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Hotel - Half Moon Silver

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 1980
Label: Rock Candy Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Half Moon Silver was the hotel's second album and unfortunately their last by Hotel. As the debut, the band had more or less no promotion, which you can simply say that the band was too doomed to fail, at least from a commercial perspective. Musically though, it is a real hit record, a little tougher than the debut with more AOR than the Westcoast, but full of amazing tracks. So we’re talking about pure early 80’s AOR sound not that far from bands like LeRoux, Trillion, REO Speedwagon and Roadmaster.

The fact that MCA chose to release the title-track as the first single feels strange, or maybe it’s just gives us the answer, the people around the band had no interested or knowledge. Sure, it's a very beautiful track, with some amazing harmony voocals, but it doesn't give the album the right picture with its acoustic style close to Crosby, Still Nash & Young. No, instead they should have gone for any of the more classic AOR tracks like "How It Feels", "Refugee" or "Now That She Loves You" that are more Hotel's typical and clearly more radio friendly.

So maybe it was the fate that this band from Birmingham, Alabama band would not succeed, but it still feels very unfair that  the guys didn’t get a fair chance to spread their music. But is very, very happy that Rock Candy Records managed to pick up this gem and released it on CD for the first time. As always, the edition is very stylish and shows what a re-release should look like, in fact they have really set the standard.

So if you like LeRoux, Trillion, REO Speedwagon, Roadmaster or why not say Boston, this is a must have record.


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