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Brighteye Brison - V

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2019
Label: Bad Elephant Music
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: no info
Artist discography


Swedish band BRIGHTEYE BRISON has been around since the self-titled debut album already in 2003, so they can be called veterans. This new album is cleverly entitled “V” since it is their fifth album to date. A number of web sites are describing it as an EP, since there are only three songs here. Nothing could be more incorrect! This is progressive rock and the length of the songs are “The crest of quarrel” (12:32), “V” (17:28) and, impressingly enough, “The magician chonicles, pt. 2” (36:53)! All in all 67 minutes. Now that’s something for an “EP”…

The line-up is LINUS KÅSE (piano, synthesizers, saxophone, vocals), PER HALLMAN (organ, Mellotron, synthesizers, vocals), KRISTOFER ENG RADJABI (bass, Taurus pedals, theremin, vocals), JOHAN ÖIJEN (guitars) and ERIK HAMMARSTRÖM (drums).

And progressive it is! The guys are huge fans of YES and similar prog bands and you can tell it when you hear these songs! Rich and rather complex arrangements all over, with massive harmony vocals. One of many fine examples can be found in the 12th minute of track three “The magician chonicles, pt. 2”.

The quintet are also talented players, so you rely on some cool performances with switches from danceable rhythms to odd rhythms. Naturally, these lenghty tunes are filled with different themes and moods, anything from soft and suggestive parts to semi-heavy moves where the guitar gets to turn on the rock sound. Early SPOCK’S BEARD comes to mind at times, but YES is the dominating influence. BRIGHTEYE BRISON finds their own touch to it, still, and in my opinion they are not making rip-offs.

All songs include truly cool keyboard sounds, with many 70’s and 80’s sounds that warm your heart.

This is lovely music of you like progressive rock bands like early KANSAS & GENESIS, YES, GENTLE GIANT and such – plus some ALAN PARSONS PROJECT where things slow down. The only flaw is the lead vocals here and there, which has always been the case with this band. It could be totally awesome with a solid vocalist, but this is absolutely good. Recommended!


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