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Mike Tramp - Mike Tramp Dos Amigos Tour - Muziekcafe Helmond Holland

Arie van der Graaf Format: Concert
Release date: 2019-09-07
Label: independent
Genre: Classic Rock,  Singer Songwriter,  Folk Rock,  Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Southern Rock
Artist discography


Mike Tramp – Dos Amigo's tour with Marcus Nand
Muziekcafé Helmond, The Netherlands
September 7, 2019

Mike Tramp is well known as the former frontman of the multi platinum selling band White Lion playing the biggest arena's.
Those days are far gone and Mike Tramp really moved on.
These days Mike Tramp plays the smaller clubs and live pubs across the world.

However the quality of his music has only grown over the years.
Mike writes about the real things in live, something which he already started doing in White Lion with some songs like Cry For Freedom, Little Fighter, Broken Home and Warsong.

After White Lion Mike started with his new band Freak of Nature in which guitarist Marcus Nand also took part.

The current Dos Amigos tour is a true “Two Men and two guitars tour”.
Supported with pre recorded drum and bass to give them a solid foundation the setting is an intimate plug and play atmosphere.

So on september 7, at 21:00 at muziekcafé Helmond  Mike and Marcus stepped on stage and started playing a solid 2 hours set.
Songs from his huge catalog were played, with a strong focus on his solowork but off course with enough space for White Lion songs and even a Freak of Nature song as well.
Songs from his current album Stray From The Flock, such as Best Days Of My Life, (the current single), Homesick and Dead End Ride were played with passion.

Passion is the correct word that describes his music and stage performance.
The personal touch in his music are rolling on and on. 
For example the song No Closure which deals about his Brother Kim who did not get any closure with his dad before his dad passed away. A very sad story.

Also right at the end of the show Mike played an extra song about the passing of Kim. 
Die With A Smile On Your Face is a very peaceful song. A true hommage to living live the way you want, without compromize!
This song he did alone on stage and it was clear that there was a lot of emotion involved.

Other solo songs played were the protest song from a personal point of view Trust In Yourself, Give It All You Got, Cobblestone Street (about returning to his old neighborhood in Copenhagen and feeling home).

In between Mike played his awesome hommage to Ronnie James Dio with Hymn To Ronnie, a song lyrically drenced with hints to titles, lyrics and so forth from Ronnie's catalog.

Marcus Nand, his guitarplayer on this Dos Amigos tour is a fantastic guitarplayer which he shows on all the songs he played on.
He got a lot of respect from the crowd regarding the way he played Vito's solo's during the White Lion songs played tonight, which were very, very close to the way Vito played them.

Mike still plays White Lion because this is what most fans expect him to do.
But in fact he released much more solo work compared to the White Lion releases.

tonight these songs were Lonely Nights, Hungry, Wait, Lady Of The Valley, Little Fighter, Broken Heart, When The Children Cry, Farewell To You and off course being in Holland the Radar Love cover from Golden Earring on which tonights crowd sang along with passion.
All these songs are changed to the style which suits Mike Tramp as an artist today but still has the White Lion resemblance.
Mike and Marcus also squeezed in the Freak of Nature classic What Am I, on which Marcus went full throttle singing along and giving it the max!

During the evening Mike tells short serious and funny stories about back in the day, giving the show a very entertaining twist.
The interaction between the two is working like a magnet to the crowd who clearly had an amazing evening.
There is an awesome chemistry between the two.
It doesn't get more pure and real than this.

Two Men Two Guitars, Great Music, Great stories.., and a happy crowd.
All left the venue with a smile on their face!


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