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Hotwire - The Routine

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: RCA Records
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Matt Hyde
Artist discography


This US based band called Hotwire have been quite noticed on various sites over the Web and also quite hyped. I can?t really understand what?s that good with those guys, but on the other hand this isn?t exactly my cup of tea with this unpolished and quite dirty version of rock. Imagine a band like Vendetta Red goes Glassjaw and where?re quite close with Emo rock with a touch of hardcore. Even if really like this album that much it has glimpses of quality when they goes more straight Emo rock like Juliana Theory. ?Color blind?, ?Neuro girl? and ?Hands on you? are all good recommendable tracks that sticks out. But overall I think that ?The routine? is far to up and down and when they goes hard they isn?t doing it with the extra melodic sense like our Swedish faves Blindside does.

Tracklisting 1. Not Today
2. Invisible
3. Nice Profile
4. Rugburn
5. Say What You Want
6. Hands On You
7. Magazine
8. Tweaked
9. Neuro Girl
10. Colorblind
11. How It Goes
12. In The Unknown


Melodic Net Comments 


Steve Errett
Great rock album. Perfect if you like bands like Quicksand or Fugazi

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