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Adventures of Jet - Muscle

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Suburban home
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Hop Litzwire
Artist discography


-We play Powersynth,says the XTC loving singer/keyboardist Hop Litzwire in the band AOJ about
their own music,Hop is the motor of this band,the
heart in this body or if you would call it the muscle
in this music...he produces,writes and plays some
awesome synthesizers!
AOJ used to be called
BobGoblin and did 2 albums with MCA before the fallout
with the label,then in 99 Hop and his band Adventures
of Jet released the indie CD "Coping with Insignificance" but it took 4 more years to find the
right sound for the band AOJ and so with this new
piece of work titled "Muscle",everything falls into
place and it?s a lovely powerpop album indeed.

I come to think about Nik Kershaw in some sort of way,
and not his hits "The riddle" and "I won?t let the sun
go down on me"...ohno,there?s so much more to Kershaw
and his wonderful harmony changes that I haven?t heard
anyone coming near until now with AOJ.

If Midge Ure(Ultravox) and Nik Kershaw would sit down
over a cup of coffee and say,-let?s do a synth oriented popalbum,the result would be Hop Litzwire and
Co,this Little Rock based Arkansas trio has the
highest cool factor around and if I could send them an apple pie over the internet to say THANK YOU,they
would be sitting eating it at this very moment.

Tony Jannotta played the bass earlier but have now
taken the 6 strings over his shoulder and the new
member Omar Yeefoon will fill in on the bass Live!,
playing the drums is Rob Avsharian and I don?t know
if I?m a fool writing this but he sure do sound like
Bev Bevan of me crazy or anything like
that but it?s not that outta line!

"Emily Mazurinsky" was the first tune I heard at and I was in their fluffy 80?s world right away,it?s always refreshing to hear someone who dares
to write anything that doesn?t sound like Linkin Park,
P.O.D or Korn.
Mostly I go back to A Flock of
Seagulls as a reference when I hear melodic pop sounding like the 80?s,but that changes now with AOJ
because here after I will have Hop and the guys as
the main reference if there will pop up any new
80?s sounding powerpop bands......take for instance the 3 minute instrumental intro that goes over into
the swinging "Run charger",imagine yourself being
locked in a room full of synthesizers and a 6-pack &
the final result would be these first 7 minutes of
the record.
"Orchids" and "Drag" is nothing else
but pure popmagic a la Kershaw and about Nik the man,
I just had this wonderful idea about having AOJ
doing a new version of his splendid song "You might"
from the album "The riddle" and people only remembers
that hit,so it deserves a life in the future and who
could be better doing that than Hop Litzwire,yeah!

Sick and tired of all modern rock/numetal bands
that sound the same??!!....the adventure is waiting
for you and it?s jet driven!

Tracklisting 1. Number One
2. Run Charger
3. One Last Kiss
4. Orchids
5. Drag
6. Home, Where I Always Lose
7. Emily Mazurinsky
8. Fairlane
9. 20 Q's
10. Flaming Ghost
11. Long Way Back
12. The Last Ride


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