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Aja Daashuur - Before the beginning

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2005-05-17
Label: Extasy
Genre: Pop
Producer: Eric Rosse/Daryl Swann/Ron Cohen
Artist discography


The daughter of a German architect mother and African American father, Aja has had her heart set on a musical career since her parents decided to name her after the Steely Dan song they heard on a restaurant sound system.
22 year old Aja is a talented singer/
songwriter in the Alanis Morrissette tradition and is
just as good as her and Michelle Branch of the same
style,Among the contributing musicians are: A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese, Edna Swap bassist Paul Bushnell, Wallflowers keyboardist Rami Jaffee and Extasy label head and Japanese rock superstar Yoshiki
who plays guitar on one track.
The last song of
the album "Candy cane" is a real goodie with some
wonderful strings and "Help me" is a flirt with Tori
Amos,music for a nice walk in the park on a sunny
sunday afternoon.
She doesn?t have the same
charisma as Alanis and not the same hits as Michelle
Branch,but music is not only about getting hits
thank god......just listen to "Wearing maybelline" and
understand that she should stand next to the Vanessa
Carlton record in your collection.
Maybe it?s wrong
of me to compare Aja to Alanis,I think a more correct
comparison would be Macy Gray meeting Kate Bush.Don?t
expect a masterpiece but expect a solid work of pianobased pop!

Tracklisting 1. Shadow Of The Saints
2. Change Me Back
3. Help Me
4. Wearing Maybelline
5. Three Wise Men
6. Stronger Now
7. Wish I Could Go Back In Time
8. Tell Me - We All Won't Make It Album Version
9. Eight Seconds
10. Make Your Move
11. Candy Cane
12. You Promised
13. Don't Take Away My Song
14. Tremble


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