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Shinedown - Leave A Whisper

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Atlantic Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Bob Marlette
Artist discography


Hold your horses folks cause here comes a collection of heavy riff based rock tunes. Shinedown from Jacksonville, FL will for sure satisfy all lovers of the heavier side of the modern rock like Depswa and Saliva with some great bombastic songs . Like the bands I compare them with these guys have their roots in the hard rock, which separates them from bands from bands like Seether and Puddle of Mudd in the same weight class. Both Saliva and Depswa are on top in this category, but I must say that Shinedown isn?t far behind, if they are far behind at all.
?In Memory? is a proof of huge potential and must be one of the best modern rock songs this year so far with a great verse and a killer chorus. It?s so powerful and melodic that it hurts and must be hot single candidate for the label folks!
Another one with potential is the slower ?Burning Bright?, which as ?In Memory? can be quite high on the modern rock charts if they got the chance.
If the quality of the songs makes this album the little extra I must say that the production ala Bob Marlette contributes a lot of the overall opinion about it. The opener ?Fly from the Inside? and ?Better Version? are both proofs of that and rocks so freakin hard and I can?t say nothing else that this is a clear winner and a hot candidate for my toplist when the year 2003 is closing in.

Tracklisting 1. Fly From The Inside
2. Left Out
3. Lost In The Crowd
4. No More Love
5. Better Version
6. Burning Bright
7. In Memory
8. All I Ever Wanted
9. Stranger Inside
10. Lacerated
11. Crying Out
12. 45
13. Simple Man - Acoustic
14. Burning Bright - Sanford Mix
15. 45 - Acoustic
16. Simple Man - Rock Version
17. Leave A Whisper - from Leave A Whisper sessions
18. Start Over - from Leave A Whisper sessions
19. Soon Forgotten - Demo
20. No More Love - Demo
21. Falling Fearless - Demo
22. Left Out - Demo
23. Emptiness Man - Demo
24. Notice Me - Demo
25. Fly From The Inside - Live Acoustic from WXDX/ Pittsburgh


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