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Kiss - Symphony Alive IV

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Mercury
Genre: Classic Rock
Artist discography


Theres been a couple of groups like Metallica, Scorpions and Deep Purple to mention few that has released albums with a symphony orchestra backing them up. Now one of the biggest rock acts Kiss has done the same on their 4th live album. To celebrate their 30th anniversary they have put together a magnificent, bombastic and different show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for this special occasion and according to Paul Stanley should sound like "a symphonic sonic boom". I have to say that they have managed to create a loud, bombastic and awesome live album. After I had listened to the both CD?s I was stunned and amazed how they have recorded this absolutely magnificent live album. They have split the show into 3 sections with the first part on disc 1 containing the traditional Kiss-set with songs like "Deuce", "Strutter", "Lick It Up", "Calling Dr. Love" and "Psycho Circus". It?s a great start of this "Alive IV" and the songs are loud and kicking with great power. The crowd is going wild and the place is on fire.

Act two on disc 1 is my favourite part of the show. After a short break they?re back on the stage with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble and brings out a fantastic unplugged-set that took me by surprise. The old Kiss songs breathes new life and sounds brilliant. "Beth" is done with pure class with strings and piano. The Michael Bolton penned "Forever" is up next and Paul does a great work on this one. "Sure Know Something" has a great groove and rocks great and the band sound tight and the harmony vocals are powerful and superb. The rest of the set is magnificent and shows a different side of a mellow but still a rockin? Kiss. On to the second disc that is with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and is the part where they give something extra for the crowd and delivers their biggest hits like "Detroit Rock City", "Shout It Out Loud", "Gods Of Thunder", "Love Gun" to mention a few tracks.

But the end is pure ecstasy how to end a fantastic show. First they deliver "I Was Made For Lovin? You" that gave me goose bumps all over the body. I thought why the hell did they not put this as the last song because this is a masterpiece that in my ears has never sounded better than now with the orchestra. I?m totally wet of sweat after this liverocker.

But hold your breath, the best is yet to come. They end the show with "Rock And Roll All Nite" and now I understand why they did not put "I Was Made..." as the last song. "Rock And Roll All Nite" is the song of the show. What a energy the band brings out and the crowed is going crazy. Just listen to the sing-a-long part of this song and you wished you were there. After 3 good live albums they have released their strongest and best live album with "Alive IV". The sound is perfect and brilliant and you can?t pray for a better sound for a live album. So when this is released July 22nd, there is only one thing to do this day and that is to haunt down a copy of this album. Prepare yourself for a fantastic live experience with this new Kiss "Alive IV" album.

Tracklisting 1. Deuce - 2003/ Live
2. Strutter - 2003/ Live
3. Let Me Go Rock & Roll - 2003/ Live
4. Lick It Up - 2003/ Live
5. Calling Dr. Love - 2003/ Live
6. Psycho Circus - 2003/ Live
7. Beth - 2003/ Live
8. Forever - 2003/ Live
9. Goin' Blind - 2003/ Live
10. Sure Know Something - 2003/ Live
11. Shandi - 2003/ Live
1. Detroit Rock City - 2003/ Live
2. King Of The Night Time World - 2003/ Live
3. Do You Love Me - 2003/ Live
4. Shout It Out Loud - 2003/ Live
5. God Of Thunder - 2003/ Live
6. Love Gun - 2003/ Live
7. Black Diamond - 2003/ Live
8. Great Expectations - 2003/ Live
9. I Was Made For Lovin' You - 2003/ Live
10. Rock And Roll All Nite - 2003/ Live


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