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I - 3 track EP

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Hydrogen Gorilla Productions
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Anthony J Resta
Artist discography


Anthony J Resta is one of my favourite producers (Collective Soul, Shawn Mullins among others) and I got a mail from him a month ago where he recommended this new band he produced called "I". He said it was the best stuff he worked with for along time. So I wrote the guys and asked for a copy. And it´s sure some good damn quality! Hard melodic modern rock, with a very solid singer in J.Staples who have a voice somewhere between the singer in The Cult, Ian Astbury and a softer more melodic singer like... hmmm... who should we say... well take a listen yourself. It´s VERY professional and the best song? track number 3 "Mary" is pure modern rock heaven, with quite a soft verse and a bombastic fat guitar-driven refrain. If you adore tougher modern rock I have to recommend all of you to surf to their homepage and listen yourself. The cool thing with the band is the own unique style. It?s not Nu Breed. It´s not Nu Metal. It´s not pure modern rock. It´s somewhere between these styles. And all done with a cool retro edge. Imagine yourself Adema mixed with The Cult on their way to Depswa and Ra for a cup of coffee and we´re quite ahead of the guys. Buy the EP at CD BABY, and don´t be surprised if the band are signed to a major label sooner than you read this review.


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