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Autograph - Buzz

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Point Music
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


Steve Plunkett has brought out Autograph from the dustshelf. In 1991 Steve Plunkett released his solo album "My Attitude"
that had much Autograph sound in it, and in my opinion a nice album but nothing more. Then couple of years later, in the year 1997,
he but out a album with previously unreleased material with Autograph called "Missing Pieces" with the fantastic AOR-song "When I?m Gone".
Now in year 2003 he puts out a new album with Autograph with a brand new "look" cause it?s only Steve that is left from the classic line-up.
On "Buzz" you can hear little of the 80?s Autograph but with more rawer and sharp edged guitars. Unfortunately the great melodies from the 80?s are gone and many of the songs are average straight ahead rockers in no-mans land.
As Steve says in the booklet "I knew I couldn?t recapture Autograph as is used to be" but still the man should have better songs in his sleeve.
The songs are sounding more like the ones on his solo album "My Attitude" but weaker.
There are a couple of tracks that is nice listening to, like the ballad "That" which is a mixture of Autograph meets Def Leppard.
The title-track is good to with a pre-chorus and chorus that lifts up the song to a high level.
The only song that gets more than good is "Heart Raper". This is a great typical Autograph rocker with a chrous that has great hooklines and melodies.
The final conclusion is that maybe Steve should have released this as a solo album instead, cause If you wanna hear the classic Autograph
sound then put on some of their earlier stuff instead. This is an album you will survive without buying.


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