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Agents of the sun - 3 song sampler

Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Year: 2003
Label: DCide
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Mark Thorp/Steve Wright/Mike McAree
Artist discography


From the label that gave us Trust Company,DCide
records have now found this 5-piece Baltimore based
band AGENTS OF THE SUN that in a brilliant way mixes
*in your face* rock with splendid harmonized vocals
and it?s the vocals that makes this band so special,
just like other bands of the same fine art as King?s
X,Saigon Kick and Trust Company.
This is a 3 song
sampler with songs taken from the upcoming album "Aurora" that will be out Oct.7th and if you
think 40% classic hard rock,40% numetal with 20% sing
along choruses on top is a perfect combination-you
just have to write down this band?s name because
Agents of the sun is one of the most promising new bands around I?ve heard for a long time.
if Seal would have gone rocking real hard with his
genius melodies and you?ll have track 3 on this sampler "Fear of heights",very beautiful arranged and
well sung with lots of harmonies as I said before.

I go backwards here and take track no:2 which is the
most radio oriented song out of these,"Agents" as it?s
called is more uptempo than the last track and has
a nice *get up and dance* groove plus the nuance
between the calm verse and the King?s X driven riff
rock chorus is just lovely.
But the best song
is opening track "Sincerely yours",it was this song
that made me get in contact with the band....pure
majestic numetal or high classy tough modern rock is
what I would like to call that rocker.
With Mike
McAree(SR 71) as one of the producers involved here,you know this band has something to offer you
and I stand up to give these guys a standing ovation.



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