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Agents of the sun - Aurora

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-10-07
Label: DCide
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Mark Thorp/Steve Wright/Mike McAree
Artist discography


It didn?t take much for AGENTS OF THE SUN to get signed,as an opening band for Trust Company 8 weeks after they were formed-the band draw attention to themselves from DCide records and 3 and a half months
after their first practice,Agents of the sun were signed and started recording their debut album "Aurora" that I?m holding in my hands right now set for a release Oct.7th.
I reviewed the 3 song sampler a while back and wrote that they are one of the most promising new bands around that I?ve heard in a long time and after have listened to the full length album for some weeks now,I am so impressed by
their tasteful harmony vocals that will please all fans of bands with harmonydriven hard rock like King?s X,Saigon Kick and Trust Company.
"Aurora" is so cool to listen to because it?s not a pure numetal album but more of a classic hard rock effort with a numetal touch over it but if you?re a lover of melodic numetal like Saliva and similar bands too,the music on this album will appeal to you as well!
It?s a lot of thought behind these guys music with just looking at the title of the album that means *Goddess of the dawn* who puts the stars in the sky and was mother to the four winds,and as singer
Ray Dobson says:"-We?re not dark and dysfunctional like so many other rock bands out there right now,we?re not stupid or silly you know,either,so it?s not like we have our share of issues,but we?re coming from a brighter place,more positive spiritually.

We can be angry without being hateful"!
That?s exactly the best way to show anger because anger goes away and hate doesn?t,well it takes longer,much longer for hate to go away.
Positive rock music from an emotional band is what you?re getting if you?re willing to spend some money and time on this honest piece of work,"Wellness" became a fave right away with awesome guitarwork and a real strong chorus so
they have more contenders for single releases than the first single "Killer" which is more laid back and radio friendly so to speak.
Maybe you will point out that it?s not a Howard Benson or Don Gilmore
production but I?m glad it ain?t because they are behind 90% of the numetal and modern rock releases nowadays and it can be a little monotone listening to
their works.
Agents of the sun rocks well without
Benson or Gilmore but get Bob Marlette on the phone on the next record and we?re talking......BLOCKBUSTER!

Tracklisting 1. Come Together - Full-Length
2. Agents - Full-Length
3. Wellness - Full-Length
4. Memorial - Full-Length
5. Sincerely Yours - Full-Length
6. Make Slow - Full-Length
7. Trap Door - Full-Length
8. In My Arms - Full-Length
9. Picture Perfect - Full-Length
10. Face It - Full-Length
11. Fear of Heights - Full-Length


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