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Nickelback - The long road

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: The band
Artist discography


I can imagine if Chad Kroeger and his guys in Nickelback felt some pressure when writing to this fourth album. Their 2001 album ?Silver Side Up? was nothing but an amazing success for them and with the international super hit ?How you remind me? they had the most played song in 2002, across all formats, according to the Billboard monitor. And I guess that they got a few more $ on their accounts cause the album has sold more than 9 millions copies worldwide and has achieved 5 * Platinum in the US and 8 * Platinum in the bands native, Canada.

To get one enormous hit single can change an artists life quite drastic, which Nickelback is a good example of. I like their ?Silver side up? album, but doesn?t think that it?s as good as the number of sold albums, cause only half of it is really nice.

Nickelback could have been another one of all those one hit wonder bands that has passed through the years, but I?m quite sure that they aren?t one of those. Their first single called ?Someday? from their upcoming album entitled ?The long road?, smells hit all the way from their hometown, Vancouver. You can clearly hear the similarities to ?How you remind me? in it, with a great acoustic verse that ends up in a catchy chorus once again. Maybe too similar, but a great song is a great song and I?m pretty sure that this song will help them to sell a couple of more million albums. Another thing that follows the same receipt as the 2001 album is the level of the songs with the best ones in the beginning and with a little weaker in the end. But one thing that separates the albums is that the a little weaker songs on this 2003 release is better than on the 2001 one and the stronger tunes are stronger.

Killer tunes on the first part of the album is ?Do this anymore? and ?Believe or not? that both shows the edgier side of the band and must be clear candidates as future singles.

Another thing that separates their two last efforts is that this time they decided to handle the production chores all on their own for the first time. When I read that before I wasn?t that worried cause Chad did an excellent job on several tracks on the ?Fallout? album from Default a couple of years ago. And of course they have done a great job with a nice production that smells rock n? roll and the absence from Rick Parashar can hardly be heard.

It?s quite hard to say if this will sell 9 million copies as the previous one, but personally I like this album more with better songs and a harder guitar sound. The 23rd of September it?s out and is a safe buy up if you like their previous works. Quality!

Tracklisting 1. Flat On The Floor
2. Do This Anymore
3. Someday
4. Believe It Or Not
5. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
6. Because Of You
7. Figured You Out
8. Should've Listened
9. Throw Yourself Away
10. Another Hole In The Head
11. See You At The Show


Melodic Net Comments 

The new Nickelback is soon to be out in the streets and they sure have some expectations to stand up for. I mean the first album sold like 11 millions or something? The new album is very well produced and the guitar riffs are fat and all over the place. And so are the refrains. There is nothing new under the sun and that?s a pity. It?s safe done as the latest Volvo ? model and I?m sure their audience more or less will be happy about this. For myself, this sort of music feels a bit overdosed for the moment, and Nickelback felt fresher 3 years ago. STILL ? there is not much to complain about with this album. Mike Kroegerand his men sure know how to deliver good tunes in the Nickelback shape. Third ?Someday? smells a hit a long way with a FABOLOUS bombastic refrain, and that tune will be a monster radio hit in the US. And there is more stuff on here almost in the same calibre. So if you like to drive a solid and safe Volvo instead of explores an Alfa Romeo with sometimes-motor problems, Nickelbacks new one is for you. And if you adore their latest album, you will have another great moment to look out for.
2003-09-17 22:18:36

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