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Evan Olson - Club Evos

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Lovecat Music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Evan Olson
Artist discography


Evan Olson started his career in the late 80?s in the group Majosha and collaborated with the power pop guru Ben Folds. After that the band disbanded,he sang and played guitar in Bus Stop on two albums and could be heard on shows like ?Melrose Place?, ?Baywatch? and ?Homicide?.
In 1999 he released his first solo album on Lovecat records under his last name ?Olson?, which I unfortunately haven?t heard yet. My first acquintance with him came in 2000 when ?One Room? came out on Universal records and I immediately liked this sunny and happy sounding modern pop/rock guy. Then in 2002 his third release came out called ?Red? and once again he was back on the Lovecat label where he started his solo career. That album was pretty good, but contained 20 songs where half of them were quite uninteresting and made the overall opinion of it lower than it could have been.

Now in 2003 he?s back with another album that represents a new musical direction from him.
?Club Evos?, which it?s called has the pop/rock vibes that he always have had, but this time the songs dare one in a more dance/club way. I really appreciate that he wants to move on in his career and do something else, but I must say that this is really, really boring. Since I really liked his ?One room? album I?m so disappointed on this one that really sucks to be honest. It sure is catchy, but I have no idea who?s gonna buy it. The club folks will probably dislike the pop/rock in it and his old fans like me will sure hate the stupid euro disco vibes over it.

Sorry Evan, but this isn?t good enough and please return to your ?old? style again.

Tracklisting 1. Shoebox Blues - Electro Version
2. Go-go
3. It's Strange
4. Shake What You Got
5. Not What I Wanted - Electro Version
6. The Last Ride
7. Make You Feel
8. Jenny Had A Birthday
9. Let's Go Dancing
10. Tongue Burned
11. Like To Party
12. Couldn't Get Worse
13. Don't Know Why
14. The Last Ride - Instrumental
15. Jenny Had A Birthday - Instrumental
16. Sunset Drive - Instrumental
17. Sand Spy - Instrumental
18. Surf Me - Instrumental
19. Shelly - Instrumental
20. Tongue Burned - Instrumental


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