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Joe Henry - Tiny Voices

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Anti Inc
Genre: Jazz
Producer: Joe Henry
Artist discography


Two years ago I had Joe Henry?s album ?Scar? voted as the best album of the year. It was such a fantastic mixture of styles. He combined jazz, singer songwriter pop, soul, rock and hell knows what else to something absolutely unique and fantastic. Since that album Joe Henry produced the great comeback album from Solomon Burke last year. So, my expectations are of course real damn high on this album. And I learned from the past that I had to live with his albums for a while before I can judge them. And now I have lived with this album for more than a month and here is the result? I can make it clear from the start - This album is fantastic, but it?s not as marvellous as ?Scar?. It can depend on the reason that I didn?t have any expectations what so ever on Scar. And as I said? I sure did on this. It is still an amazing album from one amazing unique artist. He has developed the sound to be even more introvert and jazzy. And even a harder one to get inside. The production is genius and I can just recommend all you open-minded souls out there to buy a copy and sit down in a chair you love and put on you headphones and the music and close your eyes? There are so many cool solos, sounds, instruments and harmonies in a complete mess that ends up in strong songs. All added with Joe?s voice that are somewhere at Marc Jordans voice on amphetamine. Why isn?t it as strong as ?Scar? then? Perhaps it is as I said due to the problem with expectations, but I could also say that Scar had stronger melodies all through. On this album he?s taken the production one step further, but lost the melodies on a few tracks. But just on a few cause the album will easily end up on my top 15-list of 2003. The next album from this man will probably be his Sgt Pepper and I?m all there for him. Joe Henry is a true hero.

Tracklisting 1. This Afternoon
2. Animal Skin
3. Tiny Voices
4. Sold
5. Dirty Magazine
6. Flag
7. Loves You Madly
8. Lighthouse
9. Widows Of The Revolution
10. Leaning
11. Flesh And Blood
12. Your Side Of My World


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