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40 Below Summer - Mourning After

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Razor and tie
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: David Bendeth
Artist discography


In 2001,40 Below Summer?s explosive debut album ?Invitation to dance? saw the light of day and was a pretty uneven cd. Quite cool at times with a nice mix of metal and more melodic rock in the choruses, but far too often too destructive for a melodic rocker like me.

This new effort named ?Mourning After? though is a nice facelift from the debut with a far better line-up of songs. The album isn?t totally complete with a few moments of more negative sounding metal like the last track ?A season in hell?, which title explains the song quite well.

But except from that track and one or two other quite anonymous tracks this second effort is a nice step forward with better songs and greater melodies. Some of their old fans might think that they have sold out with this more melodic sound. I don?t think so cause this is still pretty heavy and edgy at times with Max Illedge?s hardcore alike screams here and there. And the fact that he sings more on this one is a big reason why I like it far more than the debut.

Songs like ?Rain? and ?Monday Song? are both pure numetal heaven with a perfect mix of edge and melody that Sevendust really succeeded with on their latest effort. 40 Below Summer is tougher than Sevendust, but they?re not far from each other and I think that fans of ?Animosity? and ?Seasons? will like this one too.

Fourth track ?Breathless? is another nice discovery on ?Mourning After? here and overall I must say that this is a pretty nice album in the numetal genre. Not that revolutionary, but it sure has it?s moments and shows that the band has talent and potential. If they can do the same improvement to the next album as they did from the debut I just can?t wait for it. Future will tell, but until then give 40 Below Summer a few spins on loud volume pretty late in your player and you?re in war with your neighbours.
Anyone that got an apartment for rent?

Tracklisting 1. Self Medicate
2. Taxi Cab Confessions
3. Rain
4. Breathless
5. Better Life
6. Monday Song
7. F.E.
8. Awakening
9. Alienation
10. Season In Hell


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