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Escape from Earth - 3 seconds East

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Year: 2003
Label: Escape from Earth
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Rae DiLeo/Bob Ezrin
Artist discography


Chicago!,the home of the Bundy?s (Al Bundy-the perfect housefather,anyone?!) and this fanfxxking-tastic quartet ESCAPE FROM EARTH that today on the Friday 14th will have a release party for their Demo CD which is produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin and the FILTER guy Rae DiLeo.
I have mentioned some of the self released acts that I have reviewed on earlier as *one of the best unsigned bands* this year but ESCAPE FROM EARTH are THE BEST UNSIGNED BAND OF 2003,with the 3 killer tracks "Never hear","Without" and "3 seconds east"
that was available for download at their site before....this quartet showed directly what a powerful band they are.
The result on the 3 new songs that completes this 6 song demo is a sonic journey through melodically rich hooks, powerful grooves, soaring vocal harmonies and beautiful guitar melodies.
Bombastic numetal in the same vein as FILTER,one can hear that DiLeo has put his magic hands on EFE?s production especially with the acoustic guitars mixed with the electric axes,Filter?s trademark for sure!
"One thing"
rocks like a starship compared to Evanescence numetal aeroplane,"Yesterday" should have a video of it on MTV2 so people will know about the coming of a new world order and "Beautiful" marks the band?s talents of writing softer but still mighty songs and if I have said it before,I say it again-they have the best band name I?ve heard for years E S C A P E . F R O M . E A R T H You maybe can escape from Linkin Park but you can?t escape from earth!

Tracklisting 1. Yesterday
2. Beautiful
3. One Thing Or Another
4. Never Hear
5. Without


Melodic Net Comments 

This band knows how to ROCK!!! I have met or know 3 out of the 4 and they are some of the kindest & most down to earth guys i know. There live shows are so full of energy its great. I have both old 3 song demo discs and a burned copy of the 6 that i got from Paul the drummer at one of the Battle of the band shows they did and won at Game Works.
2004-01-21 17:37:42

Well,Ezrin....I haven?t seen EFE play Live so I don?t know about the jumping part but I do know that I hate to watch a band stand on stage and be like statues,not moving a finger so that must be a good thing if they are moving around like you said. And I?m not a racist,I love all people but I am no fan of bad played rock like Aftermath,just read my review and you?ll see what I think. Good thing that you?re a happy person and not depressive,that glads me. Maybe you?re a real talent like what you?re talking about so why don?t you send me you?re stuff and I will review it :)
2004-01-07 23:27:33

Unfortunately KAJ you should review bands that dont SUCK. Come on you truthfully are gonna tell me that this band is so good that they worked with BOB EZRIN and the other guy and I havent heard of them. I know my music, and I know when something is CRAP. This is crap that pollutes the airwaves. They are another charity act that got a golden opportunity and still cant get shit from it. Finally, I am not a depressive person, I am a happy rock musician who enjoys real ROCK n ROLL not petty fools that jump around on a stage. Real talent is how you play your instrument not how many times you can jump into the air during a 3 minute suicidal song.. (YES ITS TRUE... THE BANDS MUSIC MADE ME WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE UNFORTUNATELY). Thanks for the argument though... Whats wrong with Aftermath anyways, what are you RACIST.
2004-01-03 01:17:45

bobezrin & mo,didn?t you get enough sleep the night before?,such depressive-agressive lowlife you must live,fans of Aftermath maybe?
2003-12-11 20:48:24

All I have to say about this band is WOW. What a bunch of fucking retarded monkeys jumping around a stage like they hand a persons hand in their ass controlling their every movement. Its like watching NSYNC with a distortion pedal on. This band is a joke. Please when doing interviews or biographies state that you are from Wichita, NOT Chicago. WHAT A LAME BAND. Please remember this, I have seen their live show at the House of Blues..... and the only way to enjoy their show is by taking 3 cyanide capsules with a bottle of Jack Daniels to chase it down. MO, right on, we must have been at the same show.... cause obviously the band posted their own reviews of themselves and not real attendees. EFE is the reason why music is going straight to hell, because of puppet masters being signed like this.
2003-12-07 06:04:52

i was so disgusted with this band that i forgot to give them the rating they truly diserve---------------------------- very gay bunch of guys trying to rock---------- very tired sound and also very shrill --they should tie a mattress to their backs and give free curb service on chicagos west side to horny crack heads in need of balls across their nose------------very gay band 1 nonsense rating--- you guys suck
2003-12-06 08:12:29

these guys suck so bad my ears hurt ---poor bob ezrin must need some work the old jew- did anyone really see these losers live they look like mtv ready jump-a-holics ----------- my girlfriend-your girlfriend------- what a bunch of shitty musicians---chicago please try harder when choosing to showcase bands that are supposed to represent--- what a crock of shit this band is
2003-12-06 07:55:04

I was at the show on friday, and EFE rocked! They have one of the best live shows I have seen. I love Dave, Linkin Park, John Mayer....and EFE stacks up with all 3 of these bands in terms of sounding amazing live and having an entertaining live show in terms of their movements and stage presence. EFEs songs "Without", "Beautiful", "Yesterday", and "3 Seconds East" are sure to be hits. This band is going to make it big quickly once they are FOUND OUT by the country.
2003-11-19 23:32:36

I first heard of them when they opened for (hed) p.e. @ the HOB in Chitown back in like June/July. I loved what I heard, and signed up for the streetteam the next day. I eventually got into contact with Chris (lead singer/guitarist) and talk with him all the time. I have both their old 3-song demo as well as the new 6-song (which I also got a burned copy directly from the band). Since HOB, I have seen them twice @ the Metro (they headlined both). The first was with Emphrean, Dead Man Holiday, & Inept, and the second was with Inept, Disonic, & Dyseption. I also like Inept a lot because I have seen them twice with EFE. The 6-song demo, complete with album artwork & everything, will be out in stores in early December, so look for it. I definitely give them 10 stars out of 10 because they play great music, put on an excellent live show, and are very personable. They are hungry for success and fame, and it looks to be right in front of them. Also, check out their website @ and look for them @ their 2 upcoming shows!!
2003-11-19 23:31:57

i too agree. EFE puts on amazing shows, as seen on the 14th. they are some of the sweetest guys. i also got that 6 song cd long ago and have not taken out of my player, im listening to it now. chris (lead singer) told me to listen to it driving back to school (Northern Michigan University) from home (chicago), 7 hours, for the entire trip. it was easy! i did it no sweat. and im still not tired of it. i love EFE and i love the demo! everyone should check them out.
2003-11-19 05:26:53

I agree totally with the comments about Escape From Earth. These guys really rock and theyre the nicest guys youll ever meet. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a burned copy of the recordings w/ Ezrin and Dileo before the CD release party and I still havent taken it out of the CD player. In fact, I heard EFE doing an interview on Q101 Chicago and they said that they were releasing only 5 songs to the local stores in Chicago, but the CD I got has 6 songs. So if all 6 songs are awesome, which one wont be on the final EP??? Best in chicago!
2003-11-18 22:01:55

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