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Soundtrack - Underworld

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Lakeshore
Genre: Rock
Producer: Various
Artist discography


A quite interesting Soundtrack with new songs from Page Hamilton(Helmet),The Damning Well(featuring Wes Borland ex.Limp Bizkit and Richard Patrick from Filter) and Finch to name a few.
Most of the songs goes in the alternative rock/postgrunge or numetal genre but there are also songs by David Bowie,the Kate Bush influenced Lisa Germano.
This movie is about werevolves fighting against vampires for the final battle of the earth and I still wait for the premiere here in Sweden since I?m a big fan of horror movies!

The best songs on this album are made by The Damning Well which sounds pretty much like a Filter song,"The Awakening" rocks hard and will make any numetal fan satisfied,and the new song by Finch called "Worms of the earth" is a good EMO rocker but not one of their better songs.
The mysterious Milla performs the sensitive "Rocket collector" which breathes Tori Amos and is also a stand out track on this soundtrack,the new song by Page Hamilton titled "Throwing punches" sounds like a leftover from an Alice in chains record.....not that funny.
A Perfect Circle contributes with 2 songs that also are featured on their latest album "The Thirteenth step",they are "Weak and powerless" and "Judith".....for the ones who haven?t got that album,it?s a bonus on this soundtrack if you?re gonna get it.
Mr.David Bowie then?,well "Bring me the disco king" is his best soundtrack tune since "Putting out fire" from Cat People,he?s got help from John Fruiscante and it?s one of his heaviest songs ever-real mighty piece of work.

I can do without the techno hysterical "Optimissed" by Skinny Puppy and the upspeeded hardcore act Dillinger Escape Plan and their song "Baby?s first coffin" which is just too much.
This album also contains a new mix of Trust Company?s "Hover" but I prefer the original version on their 2002 effort.
All in all,an okay Soundtrack but it?s more interesting than it?s actually good!


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