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Evan Olson - Audio

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Love Cat Music
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Evan Olson
Artist discography


Holy f*****g Moses... That was my first words after I put on the latest Evan Olson album on the stereo. The opening track - the GREAT "Lucky Stars" smells a young and horny Cheap Trick tune a long way, and second out, the groovy "Only For Love" continue the melodic orgasm - and then - as track number three... the bloody monster tune... "Dont Run Away" with a
completely melodic madness refrain. Phew. All of you readers will love that tune. Im sure! For both AOR wimps, modern rock lovers and powerpop freaks. The tune is the perfect mix between the styles and well - phew, I listened to the tune three times in a row the first time I heard it. If I should compare the man to some other artists then... Well on a few tunes hes
somewhere around The Szuters/Cheap Trick camp as I wrote earlier and then my
mind starts to think of Tal Bachman and that sort of modern rockers. I must continue to mention a few other tracks as well. Fifth out, the very dynamic "Left Alone" with a heavenly refrain somewhere around Cheap Trick goes Flickerstick is an enormous one and the powerful seventh out "Strong Enough" with a groove smells a young and vital Robert Palmer a long way. The only reason I didnt have this album on my top 30 over 2003 is that I didnt have
the when I did the list. Buy the album today folks...


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Did you know that?

"ALICE COOPER" was originally the name of the entire band, before lead singer Vince Furnier took the name for himself.

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