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Emil Bulls - Porcelain

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Motor
Genre: NuMetal
Artist discography


What is it about these Germans finding the most peculiar band names like Farmer Boys and Emil Bulls?!, The later of the two is a new aquintance for me but quite a pleasant new discovery in the world of numetal.

"Porcelain" is the latest album from 2003 with this heavy act. The debut "Angel Delivery Service" was released in 2001 and according to my sources its the new album that is the better one of these two.

Emil Bulls use mighty layers of keyboards together with the armada of guitars to make their special sound of numetal. Im beginning to like these Germans a lot since theyve got Rammstein, Farmer Boys and now Emil Bulls that together make the whole numetal thing a much nicer genre.

The songs "Cocoon", "Moloko Velocet" and "40 Days" reminds some of SAIGON KICK but also add some Marilyn Manson in there like on "The Coolness Of Being Wretched" and we┬┤re pretty close to the sound of Emil Bulls, not as industrial however.

A very aggressive record but ultra melodic too.


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