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Mike Tramp - Cobblestone Street

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Year: 2013
Label: Target Records Denmark
Genre: Classic Rock,  Singer Songwriter,  Folk Rock,  Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Southern Rock
Producer: Mike Tramp, Soren Andersen
Artist discography


After being very successfull in the 80's and 90's as the leadsinger in White Lion, and after Freak of Nature which was a rawer sounding band, Mike Tramp released many solo albums under his own name. Being known for indepth lyrics about life, Mike now returns with Cobblestone Street a mainly acoustic album.

And what a beautifull piece of art this has become!

The fans that only know Mike Tramp from his time in White Lion will be very surprised. This album is in no way close to the sound of glam. But that is the beauty of it. On Cobblestone Street Mike starts with the sound he was always comfortable with. Just a man and his acoustic guitar with some supporting backings superbly played by Soren Andersen. This is the way Mike Tramp has always written his songs, but now it was the time to release this music in the purest form. Something he did not dare to do before but always wanted to do. The result is a folkrock sounding 70's style album full of very personal lyrics about his own life, his struggles, his pain and doubts.

Dylan, Petty or Springsteen maybe could have released something beautifull and personal like this! But Mike Tramp really tells it all....

The album starts with the beautifull and laid back title track Cobblestone Street and tells the story about where and how Mike grew up, what has changed and what should remain. Its a hommage to the Cobblestone street in Copenhagen where he comes from and belongs.

Caught in the storm is a folky sailorhymn but when you look closely to the lyrics it becomes clear that it really deals with having a very difficult relationship and being away often because of his work. Its a cry out to the children that are back home while he is away.

New Day is the first single and is a very positive song about taking your own chances and go out and enjoy life day by day.

Ain't the life I asked for is a very beautifull and very emotional ballad starting with hamonica it's also very autobiographical about where life has taken him. The choices he made. His struggles in his marriage etc. Absolutely one of the highlights on the album.

Revolution Tells the story that these days unlike in the past there are no real revolutions anymore, are there still people that really want to change something of real importance.

We'll be allright About talking to his kids and how much pain it gives being apart so often. It's Mike explaining that spending quality time with eachother hopefully can heal a lot of wounds in heart and soul. It all starts with trust.

Angel or Devil Tells a story about a very bad relaionship in which a woman shows her man two faces. The elegant sexy loving woman and at the same time the manipulating lying overpowering wife.

Find it in your Heart Lyrically follows up the previous song perfectly. Standing on the point of an ending relationship but begging to his wife to think it all over and find where she went wrong.

What are you gonna do This is a song about being broke, all alone without anything or anybody. How to get out of it. By spreading your wings and wanting it back. Head out and fight for your own life.

Once A heartbreaking song about feeling insecure, doubting the chioces made, feeling alone and not understood. It does not get more personal than this song.......THE END (Or a brand new beginning..)

To me, Cobblestone Street is his best album to date.

Listening to these lyrics it feels like you are walking alongside Mike thru his life and now and then you get the feeling that you just want to help him with his struggles.

A stripped down pure album full of emotionally singer songwriter folky rocksongs.

A feast for your ears and with a tear or two for those who listen closely and are able to feel the stories behind the lyrics.

After listening to Cobblestone Street you know who Mike Tramp really is.


Melodic Net Comments 

Really cool album!
2013-04-28 22:31:47

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