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Dropbox - s/t

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Realign/Universal
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Dave Jerden/Lee Richards
Artist discography


I have read some mediocre reviews about this album from Sully Erna?s (of Godsmack) new signing at his label Realign, Dropbox was featured as the band of the week here at a few weeks ago and that was mostly because I love this 70?s influenced hard rock in a modern version so bloody much and the first single "Wishbone" is a heavy rocker, goddamn!
Luckily we all have different tastes in music and I can only come to the conclusion that Dropbox has done a great hard rock record in the classic way with influences from Led Zeppelin and Mountain to Soundgarden and Manmade God.
Their music is blues based but meteor heavy. I can understand if numetal freaks or emo rockers don?t like this record but if youve got roots in the 70?s......I know for certain you will be thrilled.

I just love singer John Kosco?s powerful but bluesy voice, think Chris Cornell meeting Graham Bonnet and you?ll get the idea of his lovely voice.

Want deadly riffs all around you?! Just put on "I Feel Fine" and be mesmerized.
Want some earthshaking rock to scare away your dreadful neighbors?! Play "Nowhere Man" real loud and all your problems will go away.

Guitarists Lee Richards and Joe Wilkinson invite us to a blistering riff party that will make axe heroes like Leslie West, Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi real proud coz the 70?s influenced Hard rock genre will live on thanks to Dropbox.

I have reserved a place on my top 20 list for this Superfragilistic album.
Kosco sings about the End Of Days, but I can only see the beginning of a new era.

Tracklisting 1. Wishbone
2. I Feel Fine
3. Nowhere Man
4. End Of Days
5. Forgotten Songs
6. Take Away The Sun
7. Run
8. Unfold
9. Fall Away
10. I Told You
11. Nobody Cares


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