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Arbogast - Something Bit Me

Juha Harjula Format: Ep
Year: 2004
Label: Self Released
Genre: Alternative Rock
Artist discography


Arbogast is a Swedish rock band that recently released this 6-track promoalbum.
This could have been a soloalbum from Svante Widerstrom that are the main man behind this project. He has done almost everything by himself with some help from a couple of his old friends.
The sound of the album is pretty good indeed and for being an independent release the sound is pleasantly good.
In the sound there can be heard varied influences like Oasis, The Klerks, The Beatles and Neil Young to pick up few.

The music is nice without any songs that pops out more than the other. The Neil Young sounding rocker "Eternal Rain" rocks great though.
If they come up with more songs in that direction then Arbogast would be a band to look out for because the rest of the tracks just flows by.
Svante?s voice is a bit weak but if he put in more feeling and power in his voice in the future then they would pick up the heat or maybe get another singer to the band.

"Something Bit Me" is an OK album very close to an average album because most of the songs don?t take off and I?m afraid that this is not enough to make the listerners interested in Arbogast.
But still if you?re into swedish alternative rock and want to hear a new band,check out them at


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