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Glen Burtnik - Welcome to Hollywood

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Atenzia Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Glen Burtnik/Pinky Giglio
Artist discography


History:Born in 1955,Glen Burtnik has turned into a real hero with classic albums like "Talking in code" and "Heroes and Zeros",he never made the same record twice coz all his albums sound different one to another looking at the rootsy singer/songwriter effort "Palookaville" to the collection of AOR songs on "Retrospectacle" or the heavenly Hi-Tech record "Talking in code" but my personal favorite is the energy rocking piece of work "Heroes and Zeros" that featured magic fingers Neal Schon on guitar.
Glen also was also a member of Styx 2 times with the first time on "Edge of the century" from 90 and the 2nd time between 99-2003 playing on a few Live albums and the latest studio album "Cyclorama" but than left the band to concentrate on the new solo album,what not many people know though is that Glen co-wrote the song "Sometimes love just aint enough" which became a no:1 hit in 1992 with Patty Smythe and Don Henley.

Presence:"Welcome to Hollywood" is a new chapter in Burtnik?s life and a cornerstone of rock and roll music,Glen doesn?t have to prove anything to us anymore of what a tremendous great musician and songwriter he is....I think of him as the Wayne Gretzky of music,a true star who always takes one step forward when everyone else?s is standing still,who is always one move ahead when others try to figure out what move to make....never satisfied and always in development.
The 2004 version of Burtnik is a little bit more progressive than before and that?s not so strange because the years in Styx has affected his songwriting quite a lot on the new album,"Welcome to Hollywood" is like listening to one big fantastic song with many beautiful storytelling parts,each of them masterly in it?s own way from the opening anthem of "Superboy" to the Epic wonder of "The Muse".

Future:Any melodic rockers playlist over the best albums of 2004 should include Glen Burtnik?s new masterpiece,otherwise there?s no help for ?em.
The production is so big on WTH that movie directors such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg might wanna draft Glen to their future projects,He is truly a superboy!

Tracklisting 1. Super Boy
2. The 101
3. Welcome to Hollywood
4. Another
5. Bam!
6. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
7. Heart in 3
8. Intermission
9. Roses
10. Cry
11. When the Shit Hits the Fan
12. Spiritual War
13. Flash Before Your Eyes
14. All That's Yet to Come
15. The Muse
16. The Muse (Slight return)


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