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Millenium - Jericho

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Metal Heaven
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Ralph Santolla/Pete Coleman
Artist discography


Ralph Santolla is back with his Florida based band Millenium and a brand new album called "Jericho". Back in Millenium is also the original singer Todd Plant that took over after that Jorn Lande left Millenium to become the frontman of the power metal supergroup Masterplan.

Todd don?t come up to the same level as Mr. Lande but he has really improved his singing since the early days of Eyewitness and Millenium. I think they have lost lots of quality since Lande has left the band, because Lande has a more melodic voice and suits this kind of music more.
The sound of this new album is a step further towards a melodic metal style, with huge guitar riffs, pounding drums and bass. But still they have lost the trademark of Millenium which are the big hooklines and catchy choruses that we?re used to hear from these rockers on the previous albums.

The 10 songs on the album are OK but nothing more. I think that they don?t have the standout tracks this time and after listening through the whole album I don?t have any songs that sticks in my head.
The sound is more towards the Eyewitness period with a touch of the typical Millenium sound with a heavier touch.
The rhythm section is new on "Jericho", they have used a good friend named Mark Prator (Iced Earth) on drums and bassplayers Steve McKenna (TEN) and Tere Bertke of multi platinum act Blackhawk.

Pete "Peewee" Coleman (AC/DC, Paradise Lost) mixed the album and the sound is very clear.
Well, I think that Millenium took the wrong turn when they decided to lean towards a heavier sound.
I think it?s a shame that Ralph wanted a heavier sound because I think that he is a talented guy and should have done a more melodic hardrock album with huge hooklines and memorable choruses.

If you own the previous albums of Millenium I think you should listen to this new album before you buy it.
It?s heavy and melodic but at the same time kind of boring.


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