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Soundtrack - Spiderman 2

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Rock
Producer: Howard Benson/Don Gilmore/Rick Rubin/Butch Walker/Danny Elfman
Artist discography


The first soundtrack of the blockbuster movie Spiderman featured the hit "Hero" performed by the Nickelback/Saliva duo of Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott,there were also some nice songs from Bleu,Black Lab,Pete Yorn,Greenwheel and Default.
All in all,a comfortable modern rock album without being a classic soundtrack album like some of the milestones from the 80?s such as Top Gun,Rocky IV,St.Elmos Fire,Vision Quest and Footloose are.
The Spiderman 2 soundtrack follows the same tradition of modern rock songs performed by popular bands and artists of today,not so surprising I might add and I wonder if I already know how the 3rd soundtrack score will look like........coz it?s pretty certain that there will be another sequel in the Spiderman series.
Do I sound like I critize these soundtracks?!,well in some way yes.....why weren?t the supergroup Planet Us (Schon,Hagar,Castronovo,Anthony) chosen for the first Spiderman score?,according to Schon-the song was too heavy but in my opinion it could be one of few things that would?ve been the spice the album needed.
The winning reciept of a great soundtrack is a good variation of songs all from ballads to rockers to pophits but when they turn out to sound like every song could?ve been performed by one and the same gets predictable and monotone.

How about the Spiderman 2 line up of songs and artists then?!,well it aint bad but it?s hardly exciting either.
It opens up with a new track from DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL called "Vindicated"-it doesn?t sound like a typical DC tune,it?s more of a powerpop song in the Cheap Trick vein so ofcourse it?s good!!!!!
2nd out is also a new song from midwest/modern rockers TRAIN titled "Ordinary" which sounds like a mix between Aerosmith the Armageddon way with the orchestral string arrangement and a halfballad of Bon Jovi.
Then HOOBASTANK rocks on with the new song "Did you",not one of their better songs I must add-maybe it was lifted off their latest and strong album "The Reason" just because it weren?t good enough?!.
The new songs keeps coming and next out is the Australian garage band JET with the R.E.M sounding "Hold on" (what a boring and well used title,c?mon be more imaginitive guys).
5th track is also a new song from violin punkrockers YELLOWCARD,this song is like hearing The Corrs go punk and since I really like this odd punkpop band-"Gifts and curses" stand up for my expectations.
Next in line is the world wide million selling band MAROON 5 and their new track "Woman",they have a groovy style and this one echoes out some Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder vibes....not my cup of tea but it stands out from the rest of massive modern rock songs.
If you?re feeling relaxed after Maroon 5?s cool song,I?m sure you will be awaken when the posthardcore rockers in TAKING BACK SUNDAY turns up the heat in "This photograph is proof"-taken from their upcoming album out july 27th,an okay song which feels more melodic than their typical screamo emo stuff.
Track 8 is "Give it up" performed by punkpop band MIDTOWN and taken from their newly released album "Forget what you know",you?ve heard it a 100 times before so this one passes by without any notice.
The Welsh phenomenonLOST PROPHETS takes over with the track "Lucky you" from their awesome album "Start something",even if I have heard it lots of times before-this is one of the best songs on Spiderman 2.
Postgrunge rockers SMILE EMPTY SOUL gives us the new track "Who I am" which is slow but rocking song in the Staind vein,nothing extraordinary but quite satisfying.
As the 11th track we have "The night that the lights went out in NYC" by punkpop band THE ATARIS,a song that doesn?t feel so remarkable at first but it grows so play it more than 1 time.
At the end of the record we have the new talented Swedish female singer ANA that maybe has a chance of a breakthrough in the states with the new song "We are",great to hear such loud and rocking guitars over the song....hands up.
Last out are the singer JIMMY GNECCO of Ours and Brian May on guitars,"Someone to die for" sounds like the hit that will be played the most from this soundtrack-it?s an epic ballad and probably also the best song on the album,grace and splendour folks!
Spiderman 2 beats Spiderman 1 for sure!Now we just have to see if the movie sequel is better too..........a tough one indeed.


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