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Quecia - II

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2004-04-29
Label: Deep end
Genre: Classic Rock
Artist discography


Quecia are a female fronted British rock band that delivers raw rock with emotive lyrics and a strong pop feel in their songwriting.
Kirsty McCarrick (vocals), Paul Ayre (guitars), Chirs Picton (Bass, Keys, Guitar), Steve Atkinson (Drums) and Haley McCarrick (BGV) have recently released their 2nd studio album entitled "Quecia II", the debut album "This Is Where We Are" was released in 2001.
They play a mix of 70s and 80s pop/rock in the veins of Heart and Fleetwood Mac.
Very much of Heart?s early years comes in mind when I listen to this nice album. The beautiful Kirsty has a voice that reminds of a young Nancy Wilson of Heart and also Lana Lane.

The songs are written by McCarrick, Ayre and Picton with a mixed result. Some of the songs falls out of the frame a bit and vanish in the haze. But when the songs are good,they are indeed really good.
"The Rhythm" is a nice acoustic piece of work with a laid-back and dark feel over it. The rocker "Bird In A Cage" is great and sounds like early Heart with nice guitarriffs.
Listen to "New Dress" and you?re gonna think that you?re listening to a Heart album. Brilliant song with great melodies with Kirsty bringing out her best vocal performance. The pianoballad "Too Late To Say Goodbye" is pure pop heaven with lovely harmony vocals from the McCarrick sisters.

If you are looking for more AORish sound then check out "Rescue Me". This is the highlight of the album with an awesome AOR-chorus and even more brilliant harmonies. It also includes nice keyboards in the background that lifts up this song even more.

Quecia?s 2nd album is a nice pop/rock album with few fillers-as I said falls out of the frame. But this do sound like a very promising band and I think that the next album will be even better.
So if you?re into the 70s and early 80s sounding Heart and Fleetwood Mac, this is a must for you to check out.
I had hard time to get into this album in the beginning but after a couple of turns in the CD-player- I was convinced and I have to admit that Quecia has a great sound and strong songs.


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