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Jump - Between The Dim and The Dark

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Brash music
Genre: Pop
Producer: Rick Beato
Artist discography


Formerly known as Jump little children,this modern pop quintet decided to change their bandname to Jump on their 5th album "Between the dim and the dark".
Hailing from North Carolina,these guys takes their influences from varied styles such as midwest rock,powerpop and modern pop,imagine a mix of Jars of Clay,Eagles,Steely Dan,Simon & Garfunkel and BB Mak and the result could very well be the new album from Jump.
Producer Rick Beato gave the guys a warm natural sound,I just love the vocal production he did for the band and then ofcourse it couldn?t been done without the amazing voices from Jay Clifford and Matt Bivins.
I?m surprised that our editor in chief P?R hasn?t raved about Jump since he?s such a sucker for this kinda of exceptional good pop music,songs like "Rains in Asia","Mexico" and "Requiem" are supercharming.
If you want to get in a romantic mood,buy "Between the dim and the dark" and everything will be alright.


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