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19 Wheels - Jawbreaker

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Self Released
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Donny Brown
Artist discography


Another band you can add to the big ocean of modern pop in the lighter EMO/punk school. And 19 Wheels are doing fine in that ocean. They have good production and the songwriting is solid. Still, I must say Im quite fed up with these American bands without any own identity. Its perhaps unfair to 19 Wheels as it is not their fault. Cause theyre good on what theyre

doing. But this scene will soon be quite dead, and all these bands with t-shirts, shorts and vans-shoes will drop dead. It is still a quality release in the genre and if you love this sort of music that bands like Fountains Of Wayne, Lit and you know the rest delivers this is a good

buy, cuz its quality. That without one minute of nerve though. Plastic music is one good word to describe it.


1  Bitter  

  2  Reactor  

  3  Really Stupid Girl  

  4  I Want You Here  

  5  (The Best Of) Juliet  

  6  Erase Me  

  7  Are You Happy?  

  8  Can't Let You Go  

  9  My Rocket Home  

  10  Ruby Love



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