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X is Loaded - Raw Nerve

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Music for nations
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Chris Sheldon
Artist discography


British Alternative Metal band X is Loaded didn?t even have songs for a full album when they were signed to Music for Nations in April,2003.Just the demo they were signed with.
This is a very explosive unit in the same league as Hell is for heroes,Poison the well and In Me,you can call it modern agressive hard rock with posthardcore influences.
X is Loaded also have some Indie rock tendencies when they slow down in the songs but the roaring anger is never far away,their debut "Raw nerve" doesn?t have the songs to make it a classic album but good enough to sustain a solid rock effort.
Strange thing is that the other half of the album is stronger than the first half,it?s usually the other way around but this band seems to be a little different from other metal bands around.
Anyway,the album has a promising start though with the opening track "One more razor" that includes a diamond riff that will really heat up things for a while.
Do you want your rock to be well done,medium or rare?,if it?s rare......than X is Loaded is definitely the steak for you.


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