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707 - The Bridge

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: MTM Music
Genre: AOR
Producer: John Stronach/707
Artist discography


MTM Classix released the mega-rare 707 album "Mega Force" earlier this year and now in September they will release a long lost treasure for fans of 707.
"The Bridge" was recorded in 1981/82 but was forgotten on the shelf and has never been released until now.
All songs have been remastered and remixed with 3 bonus tracks, which were recorded during the album session.
On vocals we find the original member Phil Bryant that was in the band before Kevin Chalfant joined forces and did the "Mega Force" album.
"The Bridge" is not as good as the "Mega Force" album and don?t have as strong songs as the mentioned album has but it is still good and should interest late 70s and early 80s AOR-fans. The sound is slightly different as well with more 70s rock/AOR a?la REO Speedwagon mixed with Boston.
The early Survivor sounding AOR-rocker "You?re All I Need" is one of the highlights on the album. The chorus has strong background vocals and classic keyboardlines.
"Want Your Love" is a great mix of Journey and Survivor were Phil sounds a lot like Steve Perry and the song features impressive keyboards too.
Best song on the album is the pure AOR-killer "Sirens Of The Sea", this is a lovely up-tempo rocker with a brilliant chorus.
The bonustracks are OK, nothing more. "The Waiting Game" contains some Survivor-ish guitarriffs with a chorus that could have been taken from a Boston album. Nice song. The REO Speedwagon sounding ballad "The Girl With The Broken Heart" is a typical pianoballad that the REO guys have done so many times before. Last but not least is the guitarrocker "Perfect Lies" that is the best song out of the bonustracks. It has a great chorus that reminds of Canadian band Santers.

This is a nice album but not a classic but there are moments on it that is really good,there are also a couple of fillers and is not as strong as "Mega Force". But if you?re into late 70s and early 80s AOR then this is an album that should complement your collection.
If you thought that "Mega Force" was a weak album then this won?t change your mind about 707.

Tracklisting 1. Leader
2. Hungry for Your Love
3. You're All I Need
4. Want Your Love
5. Sirens of the Sea
6. Message from a Friend
7. Love You Til I Die
8. Head Over Heels
9. Walking Out On Love
10. Couldn't Be Better
11. The Bridge
12. The Waiting Gane
13. Girl With the Broken Heart
14. Perfect Lie


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