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Adam Cohen - Melancolista

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: EMI Records
Genre: Pop Rock
Artist discography


Adam Cohen looks more and more like the biggest hero in the music-biz right now. His band LOW MILLIONS has probably done this year?s best album and the same year he produces a solo-album which is fabulous as well. An album in his native language ? Canadian French, which is a very beautiful ?pop-language? a suites this soft melodic pop real damn fine. And what can I say? The feeling and sound and atmosphere is nothing less that magnificent. Phew. The eleven tracks on the album are all good, and this is a softer experience than with his band. The music is more ?ambient? and atmospheric, which suits him really fine. Third out ?Sinc?rement? is PURE magic and so are ?Happiness? and ?New York C?etait? (which probably will enter the top 3 on the ?best of 2004 song list?) just to mention two other faves on the album. This sound and production is what I would LOVE to hear Marc Jordan doing next time instead of a jazzalbum. Collaboration between these two guys would be a masterpiece. As I said in the beginning of the review, Adam Cohen is the coolest and best guy around the music-biz for the moment. Without any doubt. VERY close to 4.5 stars.

Tracklisting 1. Hey Jane (Album)
2. Embrasse-Moi
3. Sincerement
4. Metro Melancolie
5. Happiness
6. Macho Phalo
7. New York C'etait
8. Depuis Que T'es La
9. Ma Faiblesse
10. Couche-Moi Sur Tes Levres
11. J'en Ai Marre


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