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Pity the Rich - Focus (Nows The Time)

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Download purchase only
Genre: Jazz
Producer: Travis Dickerson
Artist discography


Vince Di Cola makes music like Picazzo on keyboards,his previous works are like sketches on the drawing board - a musical form of art where you can dream away to anthemic melodies and monumental pieces in Movies like "Rocky IV" and "Transformers".
Di Cola is probably one of the greatest keyboardplayers on this planet if not the greatest,I have always admired his songs whether it?s pianopieces,bombastic soundtrackmusic,progressive rock or AOR - he has written songs that has been performed by Steve Walsh,Stan Bush,John Cafferty,Frank Stallone,Jason Scheff,Ellis Hall and many more familiar names.
He hasn?t been involved in many bands though,his fans know of Thread and Storming Heaven (2 fine progressive rock albums) but other than that - Vince has walked the solo path in a grandiose way.

Pity the Rich is a new bandproject that features drummer Doane Perry (Jethro Tull,Thread),guitarist Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie,Tin Machine),bassist Paul ill and vocalist Vincent Kendall who in fact sounds a bit like Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood).
"Focus" (Now?s the time) is just one track with the running time of 42 minutes so it?s a long piece of work that takes some time to seep in,the music is also a bit different from
Di Cola?s previous albums - it is still progressive in some way but also more experimental and jazzrock influenced.
I can hear traces of King Crimson,Mahavishnu Orchestra,Pink Floyd (the psychedelic era) and Frank Zappa in this 42 minute piece of work.
I really don?t think his fans of the AOR based stuff should dive into this remarkable song but if you?re into progrock like Thread and don?t have anything against odd turns and insane harmonies - then Pity the Rich is truly worth a check up.
One thing for sure,you can?t possibly have an opinion after one turn in the stereo - I had a hard time writing a review after 3 turns.....


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