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Glenn Hughes - Soul Mover

Reviewer :
Juha Harjula Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Glenn Hughes don?t need a closer presentation after his work with Deep
Purple, Black Sabbath and Hughes/Thrall to mention his most known work.
He has also released couple of of soloalbum in the past and released two
studioalbums with Joe Lynn Turner with HTP(HughesTurnerProject).
Mr. Hughes has been a busy man these past years with many releases with both
up and downs and now he?s back with a brand new soloalbum called Soul Mover.
Like the title says it?s lots of soul and funk with a touch of 70?s in this
record. His latest solo album Songs In The Key Of Rock was a nice
On Soul Mover the sound is more like he had on his albums before Songs In
The Key Of Rock with couple of exceptions were he delivers more heavier
I have not been a bigger fan of Glenn?s soloalbums in the past and Soul
Mover won?t change my mind. This is a album that Glenn Hughes fans will love
for sure.
There?s no tracks that shines out more than the other just simply an even
record without any surprises.
Guest on the album you will find Dave Navarro(Jane?s Addiction) and Chad
Smith(Red Hot Chili Peppers).
If you own the other soloalbums with Glenn Hughes then this is a safe buy
but this is not a masterpiece in no means.

kajs opinion
You never really know how a new album with Glenn Hughes will sound like coz he has recorded blues albums,funky ones,classic hardrock stuff and a couple AOR oriented as well. His new album "Soul mover" goes in the funky hard rock style with a piece of Trapeze,a piece of Deep Purple (the Hughes/Coverdale era) and some Hughes/Thrall vibes. He?s got a groovy rhythm section with Chad Smith on drums(Red Hot Chilipeppers) plus a guest appearance from guitarist Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction),I think his new album has a more melodic touch to it than the previous "Songs in the key of rock" from 2003 - songs like "She moves ghostly" and "Change yourself" are among the best I?ve heard from Hughes since the AOR album "From now on" (1994). However the running time of 1 hour feels like 15 minutes too long so the final rating stays at just good!

Tracklisting 1. Soul Mover
2. She Moves Ghostly
3. High Road
4. Orion
5. Change Yourself
6. Let It Go
7. Dark Star
8. Isolation
9. Land Of The Livin' (Wonderland)
10. Miss Little Insane
11. Last Mistake
12. Don't Let Me Bleed


Melodic Net Comments 

Glenn make a new hard rock record like SITKOR YYYEEAARRRR!!! no funk, no soul!

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