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Soundtrack - Elektra The Album

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Wind-Up Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Various
Artist discography


I really liked the 2004 Wind-Up soundtrack form "The Punisher" movie, which was a pure modern rock orgy. This new one from the "Elektra The Movie" is not as good, but has some highlights, which makes it pretty interesting. We got tunes from artists already released album like 12 Stones, Submersed, Switchfoot and Finger Eleven, which all are goodies for those who haven?t heard them before. For us that got those album aren?t they that exciting, but the staff at Wind-Up has been thinking of us and has spiced the soundtrack with a couple of forthcoming and unreleased ones.
The powerballad "Wonder" from the 16!! year old Megan McCauley is nice teaser for what is to come. And remember her name folks cause she can be the next big thing if her debut album, due to be out the coming summer, can be as good as this tune. "In the light" from Full Blown Rose with a sound like a less gothic version of Evanescence is another upcoming one and a very competent song. But the highlight on "Elektra The Album" is without a doubt the unreleased song "Save Me" with Alter Bridge that really kicks ass I can tell you. It?s not their best song, but I?m quite surprised that it didn?t end up "One Day Remains" cause it?s an album tune for sure.
Overall is this soundtrack a little up and down with some winners and a couple of fillers so I would say that this is 50/50 album.

Oops I almost had to forget one cool surprise here, The Dreaming with Christopher Hall from Stabbing Westward in front is really good and I wonder how long it will take until they?re signed.

Kajs opinion
Wind up and Marvel has a deal where the label can promote their bands on the soundtracks of the Marvel comic characters who all ends up on film sooner or later,the first two in line were
Daredevil and The Punisher which both were pretty good but the third one "Elektra the album" is in no way that interesting.
First:there aren?t enough unreleased or new songs on this soundtrack to keep me excited and secondly:the already released
songs are no smashes either - the tempo of the majority of the songs are too slow,where are the rockers? (I can only count a few).
The album features released stuff with Strata,Jet,Switchfoot,Finger Eleven,Submersed,12 Stones,Dreaming and Twenty Toos.
Among the new tracks we find a studio version of "Breathe no more" from Evanescence (also available on their Anywhere but home Live album).
Wind up?s latest signing and female hope:Megan McCauley sounds just a little too much like Evanescence but this track
rocks so thumbs up anyway,the pianoballad with Taking Back Sunday called "Your own disaster" is nice but very unusual
to come from this posthardcore band.
Alter Bridge delivers the new tune "Save me" which probably is the best song here,at least it tastes sweat a long way and
the Hoobastank smelling "Beautiful" from Modern rock band Dreaming is quite cool too.
At last I want to say a few words about the song that closes the album namely "In the light" with female fronted numetal band
Full Blown Rose,this act is a whole lot better than Evanescence.
Great track but the whole soundtrack is a disappointment.

Tracklisting 1. Never There (She Stabs)
2. Hey Kids
3. Everyone Is Wrong
4. Sooner Or Later
5. Thousand Mile Wish (Radio Edit)
6. Wonder
7. Your Own Disaster
8. Breathe No More (B-Side Version)
9. Photograph (Album Version)
10. Save Me (B-Side Version)
11. Beautiful
12. Hollow (Radio Edit)
13. Angels With Even Filthier Souls
14. 5 Years
15. In The Light


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