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Jacob Zachary - Fury and Spin

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2005-02-17
Label: Unseen Records
Genre: Pop Rock
Artist discography


My good friend Magnus who is more insane than I am when it comes to get new music send me a package of new stuff every once in a while. And I?m really grateful for that. Where he gets all new stuff from and how the hell he knows about all these artists is a question we never will have an answer for. But I?m grateful as I said, and so should you. Here is a pure example of one album I would NEVER hear of if it wasn?t for him. Jacob Zachary. This is a REALLY cool album and musically we?re talking a cool hybrid between styles. Take one spoon of Gus Black, one spoon of Massive Attack, one spoon of Peter Gabriel, one spoon of Blake Morgan, one spoon of Seal and one spoon of David Gray and we have Jacob Zachary. And it is a REALLY good mix of styles. And what a voice the man has! Holy moses. And what a cool atmosphere in the production! A highly recommended album that all of you have to check out at once. And another good thing with the album is that it is a ?grower?. I just heard it three times and it grown on me for each listen. Just love it. Surf to his homepage and take a close listen folks. A new hype has started! Four strong stars!

Tracklisting 1. Static Cage
2. End of You
3. Dawson
4. Human
5. Wakin' Up
6. Back to Life
7. Loving You
8. Clouds of Cobblestone
9. The Embassy
10. Starbrite
11. Marie
12. Ode to Zion
13. Like Love Itself


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