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David Usher - If God Had Curves

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Universal Records
Genre: Modern Singer Songwriter
Artist discography


Kaj have raved about this guy on two albums before (he used to be the frontman for cultband Moist) here at the net and now I got hold of his new (released in april this year) album and whatelse can I say than a big f****n bravo... This is a typical Winberg-album and I´m completely blown away by the atmosphere, voice, songs and quality this man sits on. If I should compare it with some other artists I would like to mention names like Jump Little Children, Howie Day and Athlete. Its always hard to put other names as comparisons but there you have some names so you know what were talkin about. This album contains some songs that easily will be on my top 20 list over the best songs of 2005 when we sum this year later in December. The best song which is a pure masterpiece is called "Love Will Save The Day" and is a classic modern singersongwriter song which sounds like a soft sort of Matthew Good-tune (this beat all stuff that man have done though - so you can understand the quality of the song) and phew... mon dieu... what a refrain... god damn... this is why I´m a musicmaniac. To get these sort of kicks out of music which seldom occurs these days. There are plenty of more really good songs on this little piece of plastic with beautiful modern singer songwriter pop. Anything to complain about? Hmmm... just a tiny winy little thing... there are two songs that smells a little to much "Belle and Sebastian - acoustic brittish melancholy" - but these songs aren´t bad, but compared to the others they?re boring. The other stuff on here is more or less pure magic all through and as I said, the atmosphere is perfect for a night in the sofa with a glass of wine beside your beautiful wife. Take a listen yourself at his beautiful homepage ( And remember what I said about the song "Love Will Save The Day"... (which you can see the video of). I´m jealous to all of you who haven´t heard it yet. You guys who?ll put on the tune for the first time and will get this kick and this years biggest smile over the face.

Tracklisting 1. Long goodbye
2. Love Will Save The Day
3. Souring
4. See You Fall
5. Hope (Tell Everyone)
6. Everything Is All Right By Me Now
7. Faithless
8. Hey Kids
9. The Wolves
10. Going Home
11. Soldiering


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