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David Isaacs - Timebomb

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2001-05-07
Label: FTG Records
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Artist discography


Cant believe of how many cool albums i heard this far in 2001. Its really hard to make a playlist thesedays and were just halfway 2001. Now take David Isaacs, a West Coast songwriter who will be more and more in the picture in the near future because this lad gets more attention from other artists like Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) who wanna work with him. As a matter a fact during the recording for this interesting "Timebomb" release he already worked with the most well known studio musicians you can locate in L.A., people like Matt Laug on drums (Public Domain), Lance Morrison on bass (Rick Springfield, Don Henley), Ian Mayo on bass (Bad Moon Rising), Bruce Watson on guitars (Public Domain), Mark Harris on bass & The Lennon bros (Venice). In other words this release is the work of a gifted and very talentful and promising songwriter. His style will be without any doubt something for our readers because its kinda like a mixture between the work of Jude Cole and a young version of Don Henley. Check out the track "Come Back Home" he wrote together with Ian Mayo and youll know what i mean. The "When It Rains" track couldve been a mass hitsingle if it was recorded by Bon Jovi, not fair if you ask me. Also worth checking out are the production skills of producer Chris Horvath, this cool dude replaces Monroe Jones in the Venice band because Monroe moved down South doing some productions himself. If you give this "Timebomb" release some time and a few spins youll be very satisfied and youll definitely remember his name in the future.


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