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JanOve Ottesen - Francis Lonely Nights

Reviewer :
Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: EMI Records
Genre: Modern Singer Songwriter
Producer: Yngve Leidulv
Artist discography


Norway, Norway, Norway... I don?t know what?s ?wrong? with that country. Are they eating something special? Is the air more clean up there or what. I have no idea? What I know is that produce tons of good artists, and here is a new one you have to check out if you like clever modern singer songwriter rock combined with a melodic sense you seldom hear and a very nice production. There is also a clever touch of guys like Kevin Gilbert (or perhaps only him) and this sort of genius on a few unes. Third out ?Juliet? is a proof of that. What other references can I mention here so you?ll understand what it is? First of all ? it ?smell? Aware Records all through? If I need to write a few names I would say? hmmm? Morten Harket (for the Norwegian touch), Ari Hest (for the voice), Ryan Adams (for some melodies), Kevin Gilbert (for some ideas), Crosby Stills Nash (for some harmonies ? listen to ?neighbor boy? and you get the grip) and a lot of other comparisons. But the main part of influences is from JanOves brain? If you don?t like the naked and beautiful ?Down To The Vertigans?, the soft and melancholic ?Tickets? with an harmonica taking us through the melody. The pianodriven ?Francis ? Lonely Nights?. Well, there are of course a lot of other great tracks on this album and I will not be surprised if it?ll end up on my top 30 (at least) when we will sum the year called 2005. Check him up today folks.

Tracklisting 1. Her Face
2. Black And White Movie
3. Juliet
4. Forget About Me
5. Go Tell Her
6. This City Kills
7. Neighbour Boy
8. Down To The Vertigans
9. Tickets
10. Francis' Lonely Nights
11. Garbage Man
12. Wonderful Show


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