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Alien - Dark Eyes

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2005
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Tony Borg
Artist discography


Swedish AOR band Alien are back with their first studio album since "Crash" from 1995 and this time also with original singer Jim Jidhed so things looked real good when I dived into their 5th studio album,however it´s not 1988 anylonger when the band released the platinum selling debut and scored a no:1 hit with "Only one woman" in Sweden.
Guitarist and bandleader Tony Borg has written a bunch of melodic hard rock tunes for "Dark eyes" where his heroes obviously are Deep Purple,Boston and Rainbow.
He has borrowed a lot from his influences because the guitarharmonies on the opening track "Dark eyes" are so Tom Scholz of Boston.
Second track "Don´t go away" is a rip-off of Waterboys hit "Glastonbury song" and the verse on "Riding with the wind" will make all fans of Darren Wharton jump high coz it sounds a little too much like a song with Dare.
The bluesrocking tracks "Wild one" and "Are you ready" don´t sound good today and wouldn´t have sounded good back in the 70´s either.
Listen to the chordchanges of "Fire"....woah......have you heard it before?! Nah! least a 100 times I believe,Tony must get his act together and realize the people who will listen to this album also has all the albums he has borrowed all his songs from.
"Oh Sarah" is a nice AOR tune that could´ve been featured on Jidhed´s last splendid solo album "Full circle" but I´m afraid 1 song won´t save this boring album.
Jim Jidhed is the only reason why I give a star and a half to this album coz he sings really well but the songs,the god what a bunch of total junk.


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